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A Holistic Experience

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Image by Katie Treadway

Say goodbye to stubborn roots and embrace the beauty of your natural grey hair with confidence.

You deserve to spend less time in the salon and more time doing the things you love.

If you are tired of visiting the salon every 4 weeks

If you are ready to begin embracing your natural grey

If you are ready to be heard, and see the results

If you are wanting a more relaxed salon experience

You've come to the right place!

I’m a seasoned hairstylist with 15+ years of expertise, specializing in the art of grey blending. Beyond crafting beautiful hairstyles, my passion lies in building genuine connections with my clients. I approach hairstyling holistically by using my skills and techniques to meet the needs of your lifestyle.

Hey, I'm Kristen

Experience a unique touch of relaxation during your session with the option to experience a reiki-infused shampoo. Join me on a transformative journey where client connection and beauty seamlessly intertwine.

With today's advanced grey blending solutions, you can effortlessly achieve a stylish and confident look for your grey hair

My journey began with a personal battle against grey hair in my mid-20s. Powered by a love for color theory and formulation, I discovered my passion for helping busy women truly understand, love, and enjoy their hair.

Grey blending is more than just a specialty – it’s a transformative experience. I’m all about empowering women to embrace their unique beauty, confidently navigating the natural evolution of their hair. Let's transform each strand into a story of self-love and authenticity. Can't wait to kick off this awesome journey with you!

Indulge in a personalized salon experience that’s all about you - private, non-judgmental, and designed to make you feel truly welcomed and valued!

Welcome to my intimate salon, conveniently located just off the main street (with plenty of parking!). Working solo, I dedicate myself to providing undivided attention to each client, creating a cozy, at-home atmosphere. The consultation process is a priority, ensuring alignment with your preferences. Feel truly welcomed with your choice of music upon arrival, accompanied by a variety of snacks and beverages throughout your visit. My space adapts to your needs – whether you're here for relaxation or catching up on work, I prioritize making your experience effortless and putting you first.

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