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Look Great. Feel Amazing.

Blond Wavy Hair

Wouldn't it be amazing to love your hair all the time, not just the day you leave the salon?

New Guests

I believe that you deserve to feel comfortable, confident and relaxed during your hair appointments.


So you want to love your hair color and style, but maybe…

  • You don't want to have to visit the salon every 4- 6 weeks. 

  • You've tried a "balayage" or "dimensional" color before, but it wasn't what you were envisioning. 

  • You don't have the education to style your hair in a way that fits your busy lifestyle. 

  • You don't have a hairstylist who makes you feel listened to and understood.

But by...

Committing to a hairstylist that has built their business & techniques around beautiful natural hair color, and grey coverage you'll be in the hands of someone who has the solutions to all the things holding you back from loving your hair color, all the time.

What people are saying...

I highly recommend Kristen! She definitely makes your visit a comfortable and relaxing time. I scheduled a haircut but it was more of an experience. I don’t have a ton of hair to cut and I don’t dye it… she probably could have finished in about 5-10 minutes but I was there for an hour. She made sure that I had the time before the appt which is so thoughtful! I enjoyed the entire experience, even the eyebrow waxing. Most importantly I love my new hair!!

3.30.22 Katie

Kristen is honestly the best. I love her work and the positive energy she brings into every hair appointment we have together. She’s honestly the most easy going person you’ll ever meet and it’s always a pleasure seeing her. She is always on time with her appointments. I am so glad to have found her as my hair stylist.

1.17.22 Genna

Kristen is a wonderful educator and always makes time to answer my questions and to help me improve my hair styling. She is a wealth of information besides being a great stylist and colorist. I trust her completely.

4.13.22 Sandra

Receive the hair of your dreams in a space that is personalized specifically for you.

photo may 18, 12 53 31 am_edited.jpg

How amazing would it be to have a salon experience that was private, non judgmental, and customized just for you?

You can think of a salon suite as a mini-salon. It's a small salon space among many others in a large commercial building. All the stylists run their businesses independently and have the ability to create a next level experience for each of our guests.

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