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Are you ready to embrace the beauty of grey blending?


I'm excited that you'd like to work with me, let's get started!


After checking out the service page, take a moment to fill out the quick form below. This way, I can better understand your hair goals and what you're aiming for, ensuring I have all the details to provide you with the best possible service.

After submitting your form, expect an email from me within 24 business hours, providing all the details you need to easily book online. This ensures we have ample time to work on achieving your hair goals together. Don't forget to check your spam mail, just in case! 

Once you're all set, get ready to enjoy a salon experience like no other!


Step into my salon, where every visit is more than a hair appointment—it's a personalized retreat. As soon as you walk in, you're welcomed with the music of your choice and a beverage waiting for you. 


Our journey begins with an in-depth consultation because understanding your vision is paramount. No steps are taken until we're both on the same page. Whether you prefer a tranquil silence or engaging conversation during your color application, expect genuine laughter if you opt for the latter.


As you recline for a shampoo, a hot towel beneath your neck and the soothing aroma of essential oils elevate the experience. And for those seeking ultimate relaxation, you will have the option to infuse your shampoo experience with Reiki.


 Throughout the styling process, I unravel the 'hows' and 'whys,' empowering you to confidently recreate your look each day.


When you leave, it's not just about a fresh hairstyle; it's about feeling rejuvenated and ready to tackle the demands of your busy life. Your time here is more than a salon visit—it's an escape tailored just for you."

  • What sets grey blending apart from letting my natural grey hair grow out?
    Grey blending offers a personalized and gradual approach to incorporating natural grey into your hair. It involves skillful techniques to seamlessly blend greys with your existing color, providing a more polished and intentional look. This method allows for a smoother transition, maintaining a well-groomed appearance as opposed to the abrupt contrast of simply letting your natural grey grow out. The result is a beautifully harmonized blend of natural and colored hair that compliments your overall style.
  • What is a reiki-infused shampoo?
    Reiki is an ancient Japanese technique of energy healing. You can choose to immerse yourself in ultimate relaxation, accompanied by soothing aromas. Whether you feel a release of negative energy or simply bask in an incredible sense of peace, rest assured that Reiki is always nurturing and a wonderful form of self-care. While you unwind during your shampoo, I'll work on clearing any energy that no longer serves you, enhancing your overall sense of well-being.
  • What techniques do you use for grey coverage, and how do they vary from traditional coloring methods?
    With traditional grey coverage, we usually go for a solid finish. However, thanks to the versatile color line I work with, we have the option to create a more iridescent look. This not only helps camouflage your grow-out but also means you can enjoy more time between salon visits. If you prefer the classic coverage, we've got that covered too! You can consider taking home a custom color kit for added convenience, allowing you to extend the time between salon visits according to your preferences.
  • Does grey blending mean no maintenance?
    Initially, no. Grey blending is a journey and truly depends on you, your hair, and your lifestyle. Typically your maintenance will vary anywhere between 8 -12 weeks. If you choose to fully transition to your natural grey, I would usually suggest approximately 3-4 sessions spaced out to maintain the integrity of your hair. From there you may need to visit occasionally to correct the tone of your hair until you are completely color free. Afterwards your maintenance would simply be keeping your haircut in shape and healthy.
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